Unbounded: Manifesting a life without limits

Published by Penguin Random House on February 21, 2023

4.5/5 star ratings across 59 Goodreads, Amazon, & Booktopia reviews.

Transcend limiting beliefs and transform your life, so that you can manifest your limitless potential. Part inspiration, part memoir, Unbounded is for people who wish to explore their own identity and inspire change in their own life.

What would you change in your life if you could silence the voice that tells you: you’re not enough, keep quiet, you can’t do it, or there is no space for you?

As we grow and move through the world, it shrinks us and puts us in boxes – tells us who we should be, what we’re capable of, and who to love.

As a queer child of immigrants, Maria Thattil knows what it is like to struggle with belonging. To have confusing, disparate identities, none of them fitting traditional ideas of worth, power or success.

In Unbounded, she shares galvanising stories of what she has lived and learned through experiencing racism, sexism, financial hardship, intergenerational trauma, homophobia and mental health challenges.

Through it all, Maria held onto hope and belief that her experiences could be turned into power, which she proved when she became only the third woman of colour to represent Australia in the Miss Universe competition in 2021, and created a media platform fiercely advocating for empowerment, inclusion and equality.

Revealing ten steps to self-mastery, Unbounded offers a path towards active growth, fearless self-love and liberation.

It’s time to break free of what binds you, and live up to all that you are.

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Maria Thattil is a columnist for 9Honey and Stellar Magazine.

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